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Brisbane's True Crime Tour

The glamour of current day Brisbane tries to hide it's brutal and bloody past, but there is only so much the bright lights of Bris-Vegas can mask.

Maitland's True Crime Tour

Maitland is an old town with an incredible history full of True Crime stories that time insisted were lost to the dustbin of history...until now.

Newcastle's True Crime Tour

Revisit the scenes of the crimes and uncover the unimaginable deeds of Novocastrians from the dark past.

Sydney's True Crime Tour

Sydney's The Rocks has an abundance of True Crime stories that magically combine humanity's darkest deeds with incredible scenery.

Sydney's Razor Gangs True Crime Tour

Relive Sydney's Razor Gang era - a time of gangsters with larger than life personalities brutally engaged in the sharp edge of a fully fledged gang war.

Crime Quote of the Day

"The crime-world is for mad genius people."- A True Crime Quote from Deyth Banger.

16th July 2020 - On This Day

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